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Northport delivers the best custom labels to you

Northport Printing consistently works to earn your respect as a quality commercial label printer. Technology and service combine to make us a top label printing company for contract manufacturers and other businesses throughout the U.S.

  • Flexographic Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Eco-Friendly Print Technologies
  • Prepress Services

Product Label Printing...
Northport provides a variety of label types for commercial products:

  1. Clear and opaque film labels
  2. Cut and stack labels
  3. CMYK label printing
  4. Die cut labels
  5. Foil stamped labels
  6. In-mold labels
  7. Laminated labels
  8. Peel and stick labels
  9. Pressure sensitive labels
  10. Roll fed label printing
  11. Static cling labels
  12. Vinyl labels
  13. Waterproof labels


Flexo Printing Company

Northport is known as a flexographic printing company with the high-quality, cost-effective custom label printing solution today's manufacturers want for their products. We can efficiently fill your needs for short print runs, die-cutting, in-line two-sided printing services, unique printing surfaces, and many other specialized design and production elements.

Offset Printing Company

While 90 percent of Northport's custom label printing is fulfilled with flexographic printing, we also offer offset printing. Our offset capabilities are particularly beneficial to your packaging and labeling solutions that require high volume print runs.

Eco-Friendly Print Technologies

Northport is a solvent-free printing facility. All waste related to lithography, plate processing and wash-up is stored and then recycled. You can also count on us to minimize paper waste and to recycle it efficiently and responsibly. At Northport, environmentally-concerned print buyers welcome our ongoing exploration of eco-friendly business solutions, including our current investigations into installing solar panels to power some or all of our electrical needs.

Prepress Services

A printer is only as good as its prepress services. That's why Northport’s prepress services team provides the communication and support you need to ensure your projects print correctly. We manage prepress efficiently with a variety of state-of-the-art Mac OS tools. Your projects are safe within our comprehensive file management and archiving system. We provide cross platform support for most graphic design software. Before your job goes on press, our prepress team will provide a convenient online print-ready PDF file for your review and approval.Northport... a flexo printing company ready to take care of your next job.

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