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Superior print service and support make the difference

Northport owner Dan Bartolomeo likes to say that his company “bleeds customer service.” In other words, service is the lifeblood of Northport Printing operations. You can count on us to provide an attention to detail that is tough to find elsewhere.

  • Design Variety
  • Production Consistency
  • Label Functionality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fast Turnarounds

Product Label Printing...
Northport provides a variety of label types for commercial products:

  1. Clear and opaque film labels
  2. Cut and stack labels
  3. CMYK label printing
  4. Die cut labels
  5. Foil stamped labels
  6. In-mold labels
  7. Laminated labels
  8. Peel and stick labels
  9. Pressure sensitive labels
  10. Roll fed label printing
  11. Static cling labels
  12. Vinyl labels
  13. Waterproof labels


Northport delivers a brand of hands-on service and support that’s tough to find from another flexo printing company. When you do business with us, you will find that Northport’s exceptional client service, print production expertise and great communication skills add value to every custom label printing job we put on press. There are more characteristics that help make Northport Printing stand out as a superior value:

Design Variety

Northport provides a variety of label types and materials to help ensure you get exactly the look and feel you want for your packaging solution. Some of the many label options available include: clear and ultra-clear label material for a “no-label” look; textured papers; foil paper and film; metallics; paper; foil stamping; embossing; and more.

Production Consistency

Well-crafted product packaging helps create a lasting impression and builds brand loyalty. At Northport, we recognize the importance of details and consistency in print production so that your labels look and feel exactly as you intended on every package within your inventory.

Label Functionality

You can rely on Northport to produce flawless and functional labels for all types of products. We can provide essential cold temperature and water resistant adhesives as well as selective gloss and matte coatings to help ensure maximum protection against spills and breakage.

Competitive Pricing

For many commercial label jobs, Northport's flexographic printing is most cost-effective. For very large print runs, offset can often be more cost-effective. At Northport, we work with you to determine the best and most cost-efficient print method for your label job.

Fast Turnarounds

Northport takes pride in delivering high-quality labels to you in a manner that is fast and efficient. Whether your company is located just across town or across the country, rest assured your labels will be delivered on time… Northport is a flexo printing company that puts customer service first.

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